Micro Alignment Therapy In Practice

Are you a practicing or up-and-coming health care professional that wants to:

Position yourself as an extraordinary doctor with unique services?

Expand the types of patients and conditions you can treat?

Connect with those who are reluctant to seek care because of fear?

Attract more referrals with YOUR amazing results?

Discover the SECRET ADVANTAGE of Micro Alignment Therapy!

Micro Alignment Therapy is a fresh new approach to health care that uses a light force technique focusing on the pisiform bone as a lever to gently position bones. The pisiform lever is a very specific and accurate tool.

Once you master the pisiform lever skill, you will be able to duplicate your results for spinal, cranial and peripheral joint adjustments.

The gentle adjusting motion inspires confidence in your skills and allows your patients to receive extraordinary new outcomes!

“This new and innovating breakthrough technique sets Dr. Barbara James apart from other doctors!”

Dr. Barbara James has practiced this technique exclusively for the past 30 years, having learned it first hand from Dr. Robert Young, the renowned Canadian health care practitioner who pioneered the technique more than 40 years ago.

“With a hands-on approach, Barbara teaches her students the micro alignment technique while providing a strong foundation necessary for advanced anatomical study.”

Why learn this technique?

Innovation comes from those practitioners who respond to the NEED for greater acceptance from their patient population.  A paradigm shift that includes lever adjusting will bring more people under their care, which is why Dr. Barbara James wants to share this wonderful technique.

Micro Alignment Therapy:

is a quiet, soothing technique that patients resonate with differently that any other treatment.  This improves your patient’s body awareness, which helps them “know” when they are out of alignment and need your services.

inspires confidence and loyalty in your technique as patients appreciate the gentle analysis and correction that it provides.  Few DC’s practice this technique, so you will stand out in your community!

expands your practice by increasing the number of patients who seek out your gentle, precise care (seniors, children, athletes, traumatized or injured patients).

improves your energy, helps avoid physical injury, minimizes burn out and can assist disabled health care practitioners to return to practice.

When will you be ready?

Learn how easy it is to treat all spinal and peripheral joints with a simple pisiform lever motion.  Patients will appreciate your gentle, unique approach and will often be surprised at their improved alignment and lasting results!  Expand the types of patients and conditions you can help enjoy more referrals for your care.