About Micro Alignment Therapy

The Origins of Micro Alignment Therapy

Chiropractor Dr Robert Goddard

This approach was originally developed by Dr. Robert Young over 50 years ago.  Shortly after opening his office in 1950, Dr. Young became aware of how aggressive spinal manipulation was perceived and experienced by some patients.  He became interested in delivering a gentle form of adjustment where joints could be repositioned using a different procedure.

Eventually he utilized the pisiform bone in the wrist as a lever/moving fulcrum that could affect a specific contact point of a joint and facilitate structural change without the impact of the traditional impulse force.

Dr. Young had an engineering background which led him to designing, manufacturing, selling and installing X-ray units in chiropractic offices and hospitals across North America.

Dr. Robert Goddard demonstrating AP and Lateral full body X-rays.
Dr. Robert Goddard demonstrating AP and Lateral full body X-rays.

Working in hospitals gave Young access to “multi million dollar equipment” and he was introduced to image intensifiers which became for him, an important device in the study of chiropractic technique.

The image intensifier permitted Young to see vertebral motion in three dimensions.  Looking at the movement of vertebrae as they were adjusted conventionally, he observed many levels of spinal joints rebounding from the force applied.

Following a lever adjustment he found the amount of change in bone position to be almost imperceptible, yet the benefit was felt specifically at the level of application.

After being introduced to this innovative technique as a chiropractic student, Dr. Barbara James studied with Dr. Young for 5 years before she relocated her practice to Kelowna in 1990.  She is currently the only Micro Alignment Chiropractor in the Okanagan Valley.

Dr. James has shared this innovative approach with chiropractors, medical doctors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and other hands-on practitioners who can benefit from the precise analysis to deliver their services.

At present, Barbara is developing an online analysis program that will form the basis of teaching this structural approach using a common language to facilitate collaboration among practitioners working with shared patients to decrease pain and restore better body function.

References & Further Reading

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