About Dr. Barbara James

Dr Barbara James

Biography:  Dr Barbara James

Barbara started her career in environmental/public health and later left the community health arena to further her education and establish a career in Chiropractic care.

She graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1988 and  was very concerned with patient experience and the utilization of care.  This motivated her to study Micro Alignment Therapy.

The power of whole body analysis behind this amazing technique has resulted in a valuable healing approach for Barbara’s patients.

Creating an enthusiastic, referral-based practice has been Barbara’s greatest joy in practice and she now pioneers the movement of patient-centered care through Micro Alignment Therapy.

Barbara is also dedicated to providing complimentary community education on health and wellness topics such as proper posture alignment , foot care, pain management and more.

When Barbara isn’t working, she enjoys the simple things in life.  This includes spending time with family, friends and her two loving cats.