Micro Alignment Analysis

Micro Alignment Analysis


Micro Alignment Analysis can enhance all hands-on practitioners ability to direct their therapy towards normalizing joint alignment and releasing hypertonic muscles. The techniques will be demonstrated during all adjusting seminars and a hardcopy reference manual can be purchased for self-directed study.


It is also available to all health practitioners as a reference guide to improve joint analysis and demonstrate how soft tissue patterns impact joint misalignments. Participants can become proficient in using the symmetry of structural landmarks to compare normal and abnormal muscle and joint patterns. Once the muscle patterns have been identified, practitioners can use the hand as a micro alignment lever to release soft tissue resistance that contributes to ongoing structural problems.


Reference Manual  $ 129.00

At Seminar Price     $  89.00


Learning Objectives:


  • Identify postural landmarks with patients in standing, sitting, prone and supine positions.
  • Correlate muscle tension patterns with structural misalignments to determine effective areas of release.
  • Learn the hand movements, pressure and direction of microalignment soft tissue release for peripheral joint correction.
  • Recognize when to use microalignment analysis and soft tissue therapy in conjunction with existing skills.


Level II – Micro Adjusting Seminar


This seminar reviews the basic principles of Micro Alignment, Micro Analysis, the adjusting skill set and some of the soft tissue applications from the Level I Soft Tissue Seminar. Peripheral joint analysis and adjusting is demonstrated for upper and lower extremities. The 12 hour seminar is held over 2 days to allow enough practice time and feedback for each doctor to complete the seminar with the ability to integrate their skills in practice for a variety of patients.


This course is for chiropractors and naturopaths who want to expand their soft tissue and peripheral joints adjusting skills by using the hand as a first class lever.


Learning objectives


  • Review Micro Analysis for the peripheral joints in standing, sitting, prone and supine positions
  • Learn the dynamics of using the primary adjusting hand as a lever and the importance of the support hand
  • Identify peripheral joint misalignments and learn Micro Alignment soft tissue and joint correction techniques
  • Participate in hands-on practice sessions
  • Receive individual and group coaching for skill improvement


No continuing education credit hours available for DC’s at the present time.


Initial seminar –       $499                      
Review seminar –    $399


Upcoming Seminars:    TBA