Basic Micro Alignment Adjusting

Basic Micro Alignment Adjusting Seminar

This seminar reviews the basic principles of Micro Alignment, Micro Analysis, the adjusting skill set and some of the soft tissue applications from the Level I Seminar. Key adjusting areas are the cranium, first rib, thoracic spine & ribs, pelvis & hip joints. Peripheral joint analysis and adjusting is demonstrated. The 12 hour seminar is held over 2 days to allow enough practice time and feedback for each doctor to complete the seminar with the ability to integrate their skills in practice for a variety of patients.

This course is for doctors who want to begin Micro Adjusting using the pisiform as a first class lever.

Learning objectives:

  • Review Micro analysis in standing, sitting, prone and supine positions
  • Learn the dynamics of using the primary adjusting hand as a lever and the importance of the support hand
  • Identify key adjusting area mislaignments and learn Micro Alignment soft tissue and joint correction techniques
  • Observe and/or experience peripheral joint analysis and adjusting
  • Participate in hands-on practice sessions
  • Receive individual and group coaching for skill improvement

Initial seminar – doctors – TBA
Review seminar – doctors TBA

Basic Course Outline

  • Introduction, Theory and History of Development
  • Importance of Micro Alignment Analysis
  • Demonstration of Micro Alignment Adjusting technique (lever hand and support hand)
  • Initial practice period
  • Question period

  • Review of Micro Alignment hand movements
  • Demonstration of occiput, cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine adjustments
  • Small group practice of occiput, thoracic and SI/hip adjustments
  • Feedback & questions

  • Review of Micro Analysis and basic hand movements
  • Coaching tips for practice
  • Demonstration of upper & lower extremity adjusting
  • Spine and extremity practice (small groups)

  • Micro Alignment integration and applications in practice
  • Principles of giving feedback/ self evaluation
  • Final group practice session – groups of 3 with observer/patient feedback
  • Overview and wrap-up