Micro Analysis & Soft Tissue Therapy

This course is designed for hands-on health care practitioners to demonstrate how soft tissue patterns impact joint misalignments. Participants will become proficient in using the symmetry of structural landmarks to compare normal and abnormal muscle and joint patterns. Once the muscle patterns have been identified, you will learn how to use the hand as a micro alignment lever to release soft tissue resistance that contributes to ongoing structural problems. This two day experiential program will provide an excellent opportunity to expand skills for immediate use in practice.


Learning Objectives:

  • Identify postural landmarks with patients in standing, sitting, prone and supine positions.
  • Correlate muscle tension patterns with structural misalignments to determine effective areas of release.
  • Learn the hand movements, pressure and direction of microalignment soft tissue release for peripheral joint correction.
  • Recognize when to use microalignment analysis and soft tissue therapy in conjunction with existing skills.
  • Participate in practice sessions and experience individual/small group coaching to improve skills.




Micro Alignment Soft Tissue Therapy 

Level 1 Seminar $299.00
Level 1 Repeat $169.00
Upcoming seminars:  
April 9th, 2010 (7 credit hours) MTABC AGM in White Rock, BC.

To register call  (250) 868-2951  Contact MTABC at mta@massagetherapy.bc.ca