Basic Micro Alignment Adjusting Seminar -Dr. Barbara James

Develop your pisiform lever skill in a hands-on small group format for best results. Focus is on basic lever skills with practice on the pelvis/hip, occiput/upper cervical, cervicothoracic junction/first rib, and thoracic spine/ribs.

Micro Analysis of the Peripheral Joints- Dr. Barbara James

Basic concepts, terminology and Micro Analysis are discussed for all peripheral joints. Includes common misalignment patterns and suggestions for line of correction and patient posture habit correction. Coil-bound manual.

Technique of the Micro Chiropractor by Dr. Robert G. Young

Seven DVD’s designed to inform and support seminar learning

  1. Micro Chiropractor
  2. Physics & X-ray
  3. Throat, Axis, Atlas & HIO; Cervical vertebrae; Thoracic vertebrae
  4. Thoracic/Lumbar vertebrae; Ribs, Pelvis, Pubic Symphysis; Hip, ASIS, Coccyx
  5. Sutures; Facial reconstruction; Sinuses, Nasal Sutures, TMJ
  6. TMJ; Shoulder, Scapula & Clavicle; Hand
  7. Knee, Ankle, Elbow & Wrist; Foot; Posture

Complete series 7 DVD’s

Single DVD

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